Digital Diary: The Best Tools for Personal Journaling Online

Celebrities use social media sites to share their experiences with their fans worldwide. Jamie Chung, Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie are just some A-listers who use their personal blogs to share their style, DIY projects and even private moments such as weddings and family occasions with their followers. Even the once very private Beyonce Knowles founded her own blog – aptly named the BeyHive – where she treats fans to glimpses of her life with hubby Jay-Z and daughter Ivy. Blogs give celebrities a way to connect with their fans and give them the real story about what’s going on in their lives ahead of the tabloids.

It’s no secret that these A-listers have throngs of social media managers who make sure their blogs are always in tip-top shape. Luckily, there are some websites that enable anybody with an Internet connection to have their very own blogs, hassle-free. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a background in web design or writing to be able to maintain an online journal. All you need is your imagination and a little help from any of the following websites:

One Word

Just like most things in life, writing should be practiced every day to make it a habit. But sometimes, life or writer’s block get in the way of your creativity. One Word is a website that has a simple solution to writer’s block: a simple word. Every day you’ll see a singular word on top of the page and you are given 60 seconds to write about it. You can use this time to reflect on what this word means to the life you are living now. A great way to start a writer’s day!


Have you ever experienced an epiphany in the middle of the day? Well, don’t let that piece of wisdom escape you – use Penzu! Penzu is a journaling tool that has a mobile app and desktop website. This means you can journal at any time of the day! This tool lets you insert pictures, tags and comments to your posts and can be set to public or private viewing depending on your preference. Another advantage of Penzu is that your journal is now searchable. This means you can relive that amazing vacation you had last year by simply typing keywords such as ‘Summer 2015’ or ‘Peru’ – a feat that ordinary journals cannot do.

Day One

Never go a day without journaling with the help of Day One. Built for OS X and iOS users, this handy app ensures that you’ll write something new every day. The interface looks stylish and elegant and the app is really easy to use, even for those who are digitally challenged. Recent updates include PDF export and automatic backup to your Mac.

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