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Fluffy Brow Must Haves: Tips & Tricks From our Beauty Bag to Yours!

Full, fluffy eyebrows are all the rage right now, and we don’t see this natural trend slowing anytime soon. And thank goodness, the days of highly exaggerated arches and pencil thin brows are over! My brows are still trying to recover, but even if you have thin, sparse, or over plucked brows like me, there is a solution! We are seeing the glory of women who embrace the au naturelle look. The brows of stars like, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, and the iconic Beyoncé; all have a stunning focus on the eyes, with the perfect frame of the brow! You too can create the same look with our line of products. Keep reading to learn what the must-have items are to get amazing looking, fuller brows! SHOP NOW

Eyebrow Gel Clear or Tinted

Eyebrow gel offers the perfect solution for fuller looking brows. This product contains small microfibers that adhere to your brow hairs and skin, creating natural-looking brow volume with that stay put, carefree benefit you’re looking for. With tinted eyebrow gel, you can enhance your existing eyebrows, making them appear bushier, while still keeping them tame throughout the day. Remember the darker appearance of your brows, the more drama you can add. SHOP NOW!

Eyebrow Hair Grow Serum

Are you trying to grow your brow hair? Is it just too short or sparse to create the lush appearance you want? If so, then eyebrow hair grow serum is the perfect solution. It combines a natural blend of plant oils specially chosen for their nourishing, gentle qualities. Such as Rosemary leaf extract, Sunflower seed oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, Horsetail extract, Cannabis Sativa seed oil, Marshmallow root extract, Rice bran oil, and Safflower seed oils. They boost and thicken the hair growth, while nourishing the hair follicles. SHOP NOW!

Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencils provide you with the ability to quickly and easily shape your brows. You can get the look of realistic, individual hairs or a shading effect with the swipe of your hand. We’re loving how an upward swipe across the brows creates that feathered, fuller look instantly. With several colors to choose from, you can create a darker tone easily or combine two colors intermittently for a young, fresh look. SHOP NOW!

Eyebrow Powder

Eyebrow powder offers a natural-looking fullness. It works by transforming sparse brows into fuller looking brows. With the right powder, you can fill in your brows to create a natural and soft brow look that’s also velvety smooth. You can find formulas that last for 12 hours or more, and that adheres well to the skin and hair. The powder is the easiest fill in solution, especially if you already have thick brows. Eyebrow powder is also a great option for adding definition and tint to your brows. A hot tip we love for those who want to get the most pop of color from their powder.  Lightly dampen the brow brush before dipping it in the powder, try it for yourself! SHOP NOW!

Eyebrow Scissors

With eyebrow scissors you have a tool featuring precision tips that ensure you are only trimming unwanted hair. Make sure to choose scissors that are made of a quality material, such as stainless steel, as these are designed to last. Look at the loop holes, too, as smaller loops mean you’ll have a better level of control when trimming your brows. SHOP NOW!

Eyebrow Tweezers

You can find quality eyebrow tweezers offered in straight and slanted versions. These allow you to firmly grasp and then pluck even the finest hairs with ease. With the right tweezers you can easily clean up and remove stray hairs that have grown in or around your manicured eyebrows.

Let’s Get Fluffy! Tips & Tricks:

Yes, there are many products to help you attain that sought-after look, but don’t feel overwhelmed. Now that you’ve learned the benefits, let’s cover some crucial steps to get you the look easily.No matter your brow shape, you too can achieve fluffiness to your hearts content! Here’s our checklist to simplify your routine:

  • Brush those brows. Use an upward stroke, starting just above your tear duct and work your way out to the ends. It may look weird at first, but don’t worry, your about to love it!
  • Trim those strays. Use brow scissors to trim any unwanted hairs that might be too long or growing in an odd direction, but only trim the ones that comb upward too high. Because your wanting to achieve a fuller look you don’t want to take away too much, the goal is to play them up. Resist the urge to go too far! And tweeze any stragglers that have traveled to places that are not your brows, even little peach fuzz will pick up pigment, so clean up the surrounding areas.
  • Pencil in some symmetry. Consider this easy rule-of-thumb that celebrity makeup artists use: brows should start just above the tear duct, with the arch right above the center of your eye and end at a 45-degree angle at the tip form the outer most corner of the eye. Now, it’s time to line up those brow strokes. Adding in intermittently with the pencil helps to creates a very realistic look. Concentrate on those upward strokes to keep it looking fuller. Remember, this is just a guide, your most flattering look will depend on your specific shape, going with your natural shape will surely be the best look for you. But keeping the focus on those upward strokes, especially at the start of your brows is what you want for this look. After penciling in, if you still desire more shading of color, apply the eyebrow powder, this will pull the look together and add deeper definition.
  • Highlight it. Highlighting brings in more light to add that little something, the finishing touch! But highlighting just looks tough and it seems like everyone has their own take on it, making things confusing. Let’s not complicate things any longer! Seriously, it’s as easy a swipe just under the brow edge, the entire length of your brow, above your lids. Yup, that’s it and you have instant definition!
  • Now the fun part, completing the look! Next, fill in with gel. Go for clear gel if your happy with your look. Need an added oomph? Grab the tinted version, you’ll thank us later… follow those upward strokes, but don’t keep going over it because it can get goopy. Once is enough and you’ll instantly see those brows, even the fake ones come to life. The hair-like strokes, the hidden ones that you couldn’t even see, are all standing out for that perfectly captured glory! We all agree, these brows give your face a healthy look, even without any other makeup on. And remember brows can change everything. Now you’re a pro!

Keep the look, keep the products in your beauty bag!

Xoxo Coco




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