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How to Care for Cashmere?!

Cashmere is not difficult to care for, but it is a luxurious fabric, and as such it is meant to last a lifetime. It should be treated with care. Hand washing is the best way to keep your cashmere looking new.


Cashmere can accumulate tiny balls of fluff over time. It’s actually the cashmere fibers shedding, and is caused by wearing, not washing. It is not a sign of inferior quality. A cashmere comb is all you need to keep your garment looking flawless forever.

Pre-wash, hand wash, and store properly and your sweater or scarf will look as fabulous as the first day you tried it on. Comb it out, and turn your sweater inside out. Place your garment in a clean sink of tepid water and pour in a cashmere wash. Swish it around and then let it soak for about twenty minutes. Rinse thoroughly, but do not wring. Lay your fabric out to dry away from sunlight.

When storing always make sure your sweater is freshly cleaned and free of perfume and oils. And place it in a breathable zipper bag with cedar balls.

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