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The Detox Series: How to Achieve Your Best Skin Ever Part 1

When it comes to our skin, our concern is mostly based on what we put on its surface. We shop for make-up, body lotions, loofas and oils, looking to improve skin texture and appearance. This is all good and everything, but we should also think about the fact that our skin is greatly influenced by our health. Remember the times when you haven’t been getting enough sleep or eating nutritious food – how was your skin? Most likely you had pale, lackluster and problematic skin. In addition, the skin absorbs most of the stuff it is exposed to, such as medication, cosmetic products, lotion, etc. So aside from watching what we eat, we should also be conscious about the products that we are using on our skin.

 No amount of make-up can give you great skin all day, every day. Achieving your best skin is dependent on how you take care of your whole body and not how expertly you can put on make-up. Contrary to popular belief, detoxifying the skin is not that difficult of a task. You just need one thing to be able to do it: commitment. You need to want to have clear skin so badly that you’re willing to give up your bad habits in order to get it. Once you have that in the bag, these steps will become easier: 

  1. Put a stop to whatever bad habit you have.

We all have a guilty pleasure that we know is really bad for our bodies but we just can’t stop doing it. For me, it’s my love for cheeseburgers and fries. I know the fat will go straight to my arteries and clog my pores, but after a long day at work there is nothing else I want, with a big serving of Coke.

For others it may be smoking, drinking excessively or a sedentary lifestyle. We don’t need to tell you what is – you already know. We just want to tell you one thing: STOP. Do it slowly and reward yourself for every milestone achieved. Your skin will thank you for it.

    2. Know your products.

Set aside time to go to the store and read product labels. We often get so blinded by fancy packaging and promises that we forget to really look into the products that we eat and use. Ingredients such as parabensphthalatespropylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate are big no-nos because they put you at risk for diseases such as skin cancer.

Make the switch to organic products today! Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company has lot of great organic products to choose from that are eco-friendly and made from natural products. When it comes to cosmetics, check out Bare Minerals, Tarte and Nude.

      3. Hydrate your body.

If you haven’t been getting your 1 to 2 liters of water a day, your skin starts to show signs of dehydration. It becomes dry, irritable and prone to breakouts! Make sure to drink water every day by making it a part of your routine. Drink a glass after every meal, after each cup of coffee or right after waking up in the morning.


     4. Go natural with your remedies

I’ve used products on my zits that make my skin feel like it was being burned. That’s because the product is made from a number of really strong chemicals! Treat your skin problems with natural alternatives such as tea tree oil or clay masks. They’re equally effective and will be wonderful for your skin.

Want more tips? Check out Your Best Skin Ever Part 2!

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