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Women Supporting Women

We hear it in the news daily, the plea for women to support women. Is this a new effort? Of course not. It’s as old as time. However, the recent movements, fueled by social media, have brought it to the forefront. We women need to uplift our sisters and help each other succeed – not only in the workplace but, in our governments, in our homes, in our schools, in all we do.

As a child, I would sit at my grandmother’s knee and hear her tales of coming to America at the turn of the twentieth century – alone, not knowing a soul, not knowing the language. Her first and fondest memories were of her “ladies” that befriended her and helped her find her way. She could recall each of their names and details of their lives, no matter how brief their encounters. I remember feeling the connection through her words and longing for such true, meaningful connections of my own someday.

Now in my mid-fifties, I am finding more and more that women friends at this stage in life are truly supportive of each other. And I see, in and through my daughters, it’s beginning at a younger age than before. I see the movement taking on a greater power... These younger ladies I am getting to know are there for each other at a level I don’t recall witnessing when I was their age and it gives me great hope for future generations.


A year ago, I began working with Coco. We were strangers but, quickly became good friends. Of the many, many beautiful qualities I see in Coco, the stand-out is her desire to uplift other women. This is her driving force – in her business and in her everyday life. It’s what compels her to develop and find more products to help women find comfort and to realize their beauty and confidence. It is why she is so generous and philanthropic. And it’s why I have come to love her and to love assisting her with building Coco’s Closet to be all it can be. I have never before been a part of an organization fueled by such love.

I reveal these truths to give you a peek at the women inside Coco’s Closet. Know that we are here FOR YOU. We do what we do out of love – and we love what we do! And I hope that this story serves as yet another reminder: that we should each be there for our sisters and we should reach out to those needing a hand. Lift up your women friends; encourage your daughters and nieces; vote more women into government; hire more females; do more to make life better for women everywhere…

Women supporting women: It’s an ageless concept whose time has most definitely come!




Photo credits: photo #1 Unknown; photo #2 @tropicophoto

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