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About Us

Eight years ago, life changed for Coco – in a BIG way – with a cancer diagnosis. Treatments and drugs caused her to gain weight and she found herself in unfamiliar fashion territory. One of her earliest frustrations was that her bras were too tight and she couldn’t seem to find bra extenders that were soft, comfortable and easy to use.

Being the go-getter that she is, Coco decided to use her years of experience and business savvy and have some bra extenders made to fit her standards. Why shouldn’t she share these with other women who are searching for the same comfort – women young and old, women experiencing monthly weight gain, pregnant women, plus-size women, all women?

Fast forward eight years and Coco, now cancer-free, has built a brand of fashion & lingerie accessories, as well as other beauty tools and products that are up to her high standards, and she has made them available to women around the world.

Never one to sit still, Coco is forever in search of new and innovative products to add to her line. Do you have an unfulfilled need or an idea for a product you can’t find? Contact us and let us know. We listen.

“Your fashion should express you… What’s beneath it should caress you!’

Coco’s Closet ~ The Comfortable Side of Beauty