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Let's be honest... We've all had an occasion where we've had to discreetly unbutton our waistband for comfort, right? Well, no more! Our fashionable elastic button hole waistband extenders add just a bit more room and comfort when you need it.  
Carrying a few extra pounds? Bloated? Pregnant? A little more curvy? No worries: our button expanders ensure a comfortable fit with your favorite jeans and pants by giving you a little extra waist room (up to 2 inches). No pins or sharp metals to scratch you, just stylish buttons with extra strong, soft elastics to allow for flexible movement. And we give you all three cute styles in one variety pack.
Ladies: Let us free our skinny pants from the closet and wear them comfortably with Waistband Extenders!
  • FUN: a stylish way to battle the dreaded muffin top ~ or, for real, to plan ahead for that big Holiday Feast!
  • EASY: Expand your waistband on any jeans, pants or slacks that have a button waist; elastic simply loops around your existing pant button
  • COMFORTABLE: Flexible and stretchy; adds up to 2 inches of extra waist room
  • DISCREET: Looks like a regular button; three different styles in each pack
  • SENSIBLE: Wear your favorite jeans at any time of the month; perfect for home or travel; use them again and again
  • OH, BABY: Too soon for maternity pants? Get a little extra room during early pregnancy


    GUARANTEED: No Hassle Personal Care Guarantee ~ If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us for full refund or replacement.

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