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Silicone Adhesive Bra Pads Inserts, 1 Pair



We can all use a little boost at times! Our silicone adhesive bra inserts can give you just that little extra lift, support and comfort, when you need it. Add inside the cups of your favorite bra, or wear in a fitted top, dress or bathing suit when you want a little more fullness and cleavage, or a bit more support. 

These inserts adhere to the fabric of your garment - not to your skin. The silicone fill creates a natural, curved look, while the soft, loomed fabric covering caresses your skin and creates a smooth appearance under your clothes. Our superior adhesive will keep your inserts in place - even during periods of intense physical activity - so, carry on, Ladies!

  • INSTANT: Instant cleavage, instant enhancement, instant push-up and shaping with all your favorite fashions
  • COMFY: Our silicone gel inserts are nested in a soft fabric for your comfort and adhere to your garment - not your skin
  • WORRY-FREE: Our secure adhesive keeps inserts in place comfortably 
  • WATERPROOF: Insert into your favorite swim suit and make a splash!
  • EASY: Simply position in garment and press to adhere; wash in cool, soapy water and hang dry to use again and again and again
  • ONE-SIZE: Suitable for all users, any cup size; available in nude or black, one pair to a pack
  • GUARANTEED: Try them risk free! We honor our No Hassle Personal Care Guarantee ~ If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us and we will give you a full refund or a replacement.

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